Learning to Embrace the Unfamiliar

It is not in my comfort zone to embrace the unknown. I don't think it's probably something most of us are very comfortable with. Most of us like to be in control. It’s understandable to want to have control, especially for those of us who have experienced environments that were unsafe or chaotic growing up.... Continue Reading →


I’ve been thinking a lot about desire. I have been flooded with desire recently, and have been reaching toward living where I want to live and how I want to live. This desire moves me to live a more natural life, living in communion with nature and as part of a larger community where I... Continue Reading →

Awakening Your Inner Healer

In my last article I spoke about healing being a process and not a pill. I offered a perspective that it may be we don’t get to a place where we are healed, but rather that healing is an ongoing and non-linear process of peeling back the layers of the onion, so to speak. It... Continue Reading →

Healing is a Process, Not a Pill

A friend and I were recently sharing our experiences in exploring healing work, specifically healing childhood issues of the past that continue to affect our current relationships. She expressed to me that by doing healing work she had thought that wounds would be resolved. Through workshops and practices that would offer healing, a solution and... Continue Reading →

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