“I started working with Kelly when I first began a healing process focused on anxiety and chronic migraines. She helped me to release layers of old pain and provided a safe environment to go more deeply into myself both physically and spiritually. She helped me trust that not only was it possible for me to heal, but widened my sense of what that might mean, far beyond simple relief from pain. ~ Danielle G.

“Kelly is a very gentle and giving person. It is absolutely amazing how she tunes into me and acts like a calming breeze soothing and re-balancing my energies and spirit. She intuitively knows exactly what I need, better than I do. Sessions with Kelly always leave me energized and replenished. I feel blessed to have Kelly in my life. ~ ”Dagmar Z.

“Every session with Kelly leaves me feeling more empowered and in control of my own healing!” ~ Stefanie H.

“For the last few years I have struggled with migration, insomnia and indigestion. When I met Kelly, she read what my body needed for balance and even found a way to bring my body back into normal state in just six weeks. Her treatment helped me stand upright and be ready for a new life, full of vigour as well as emotional strength. Words are never enough to describe what her energy work truly is until you experience it. I really appreciate her extraordinary ability, unique work and great courage that can bring many people joy.” ~ Uryel Cho, Martial Artist

Classes and Workshops with Kelly

“Kelly’s easy way of being creates a safe and supportive environment for internal investigation. With her gentle guidance, I am able to connect with a deep sense of Self, and emerge feeling grounded and joyful.” ~ Kiley R.

“In just a few sessions, Kelly taught us so much about honing our bodily and energetic sensitivities. Kelly really helped me to sharpen my awareness not only of my internal energetics, anatomy and cellular constitution, but of the energy fields within and surrounding my body, as well as how seemingly discrete organ and fluid systems within it. Absolutely fascinating stuff, in addition to being useful! She also introduced us to amazing ideas around how we can use all of these sensitivities to heal ourselves and to generally function more optimally on a day-to-day basis. I’m amazed at the differences I can feel in my body after learning to work in these subtle energetic realms. Thank-you, Kelly! ~ Mary P., PHD

“My mind wanders easily and my attention span is short despite years of yoga practice. I took Kelly’s meditation & energy workshop to get a fresh perspective. The simple moves and guiding words made it understandable, memorable and enabled me to go deep and stay there”. ~ Carmen C.

“Thank you Kelly for sharing the gift of yourself and your wisdom during the recent Aspects workshop. I appreciate your authenticity and clarity… There is a quality to your voice and energy when you guide the meditations that allowed me to access deeper levels than I normally can on my own. In deep gratitude.” ~ Marla

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