Body-Mind Centering and Somatic Movement Education

My passion is embodiment. Somatic Education helps you develop awareness of your body through movement.

I am interested in how the body informs the mind and how the mind informs the body. If we move our body in a more grounded, expressive, supportive and integrated way, we may find it’s more than just our body that changes. The practice of embodied awareness will change our mind as well.

I offer Somatic Movement Education private sessions. A session with me will help you develop awareness of your body systems – organs, skeletal, endocrine, nervous and fluids – down to your cells. I believe that moving the body with awareness can be very healing in itself. 

This practice is about tuning into your body’s sensations and learning to move with curiosity and non-judgement. Again, this is a practice of the mind and not just moving the body.

Ideally, we want our Somatic Movement practice to fuel our creative energy and keep us curious. We want our energy to keep cycling. We hope to find more ways to move in the world where it gets easier and not harder. We also hope to find more ease in our movement.

Sometimes, challenges arise as well. Something in your body feels tight, uncomfortable, rotated or stuck. Somatic Movement Education can help you look at your body and movement from a fresh perspective. You may sense something you didn’t before and figure out how to move in a different way.

As a Somatic Movement Educator, I use many different approaches for this. Movement and touch is included in every session. A session may begin with lying on the floor and working with cellular awareness. We may explore developmental movement patterns including push, yield and reach and learning how to move from the floor up to standing with support. A session could also include Yoga, where you explore these early developmental movement patterns and the body’s systems in asana.

Each session is catered to your needs. This unfolds as we work together. A session usually begins more “inward” with attention inside the body, and then moves “outward”, as it’s important to modulate our nervous systems between sensory and motor movement. 

My practice is informed by my training in Body-Mind Centering® & Yoga. Body-Mind Centering® is an embodied, integrative approach to movement, body and consciousness. To learn more, please visit their website:

For more information or to book a session, please email me at:

Please be aware I am only taking on a few clients at this time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Body-Mind Centering® used with permission.

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